After you have researched and discovered the demographics of your customer, or niche market, the top benefits and advantages you have determined your product or service will provide must definitely be activating the primary mental requirements of this niche or market. You will do this by using the top benefit as the a hook in the main heading of your sales page to build interest in taking a closer look at your sales page. This heading should be one that will easily catch the eye of your potential customer. You could even use graphic images here to stimulate interest. Many internet marketers use a larger font and red font color to make this heading stand out from the rest of the sale page text. The second most important benefit should be incorporated into a sub heading right below the main one Enticing the customer to read on further. It is a good idea not to mention any features of your product or service in your headlines.

Your list of benefits

There is no way that you can know every objection or question about your product or service that could be going through the mind of your customer. Because of this you should list as many of the product or service benefits as possible. This should be done in a planned out manner. Use bullets to direct the readers eyes to each benefit, start with the strongest benefits first, make sure you give adequate space between each benefit to make it easy for the customer to read. Use this list to answer any objections that your customers may have.Image result for Benefits

Use benefits that attract your customer Some of these kind of benefits include:

Convenience – Today people really don’t like wasting time to do things, for what ever the reason. No matter who your customer may be convenience is one of the top benefit motivators.

Financial Enrichment – If your product or service will help enrich your customer financially by making them quick money, increase their incomes, or make financial gain without much effort, this benefit will more than likely draw in a large number of customers and sales.

Looking Good and Ability To Attract – People these days are fanatics about their appearance, whether it is keeping their weight down or the condition of their hair or make-up. basically they are really concerned about how they are perceived by the opposite sex. If your product or service can enhance these deep emotional needs you may also have a winner

Status and Standing – For those people who almost have everything, there is always a mental attraction to have a product or service that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that boost there self-esteem, or status to show that they are above the regular guy in some scalp massager benefits , this is a great benefit for folk who feel this way.

Being the only one/Having Something that no one else has – Other people have a need to be the first or among the only ones to have access to a product or service. By giving them the opportunity to have the exclusive benefits of a product or service, whether it is a limited access or possessing one of a limited amount being sold this is a great way to create a “I better get it now” motivation in this kind of individual.

There are also other kinds of benefits that create a strong psychological motivation to buy your product or service. They include: benefits that create a sense of urgency, benefits that let the customer get a taste or example of the product before they purchase, and benefits that attract. The main point is that you as you use benefits, learn to incorporate them into your sales pages the right way. I hope that this article have given you some direction in what it takes to use benefits to make more sales and make money online

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